What do you think, Mole?

Dear Mole,

Have you ever heard of the Jimmy Carter Rabbit Incident? If yes tell me what you think? If no please look it up and THEN tell me what you think. I find it fascinating. I think it would be a good band name and I sometimes wonder what would have happened if it had got on the boat. That’s ACTUALLY something I wonder. Jesus.



Dearest Ratty,

Again you regale me with a fascinating story! I think you read a lot of stories on Wikipedia, as do I, but there is a keen difference: you actually remember the stories you glean from that site, whereas I recall visiting Wikipedia and retain very little else. Anyway, please excuse my very long preamble, but I love this story and I especially like this description of the incident by Carter’s Press Secretary Jody Powell:

“The President confessed to having had limited experience with enraged rabbits. He was unable to reach a definite conclusion about its state of mind. What was obvious, however, was that this large, wet animal, making strange hissing noises and gnashing its teeth”

I also thought about that terrifying dog that flies through the water in No Country for Old Men.


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