What do you think, Ratty?

Dear Ratty,

Today I finally finished watching Semi-Pro on Netflix; it was good and silly and I enjoyed the soundtrack. I only got distracted a couple of times watching the last part. I had to stop and look up Woody Harrelson and then when Will Ferrell’s character Jackie Moon passes out and has to get revived by smelling salts I had to stop the movie and look up smelling salts.

I’m curious about trying them to see what kind of a punch they pack. So here’s my question for you:  Would you ever consider using smelling salts at work to get you through the three o’clock slump?


I AM interested in smelling salts! I don’t watch a lot of sports but I do enjoy watching people smelling them. Very reminiscent of a dog sneezing, curled lip and a headshake. Nothing would give me more joy then spiriting myself away to the handicap stall to partake of the vapors. Is that what you call it? I should Google that. I don’t know if the vapors is a symptom or the actual salts. I also like how they’re delivered. A little sugar packety thing that you snap to release the smellyness. I wonder if they smell bad though? I mean if that’s it. What if they just smell terrible and then I’m sitting there miserable at my desk with fart smell in my nose. Anyway, I’m game. Let’s find some!


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