What do you think, Mole?

Dear Mole,

What do you think about people clapping when the plane lands? How would you handle that if someone you loved did that? Very enthusiastically? What if they teared up as well? What do you think about clapping in general? What merits a clap? Why don’t we clap when we get the all clear that we don’t have any cavities? Should we?

Clapping Mole. Your thoughts please.


Dearest Ratty,

What interesting questions! I do like clapping. I like clapping in flamenco dancing and I like clap jams too. Awkward clapping is fun too. You know when one person starts clapping and no one joins in and then two or three people join to try and alleviate the awkwardness. Sarcastic clapping is pretty rad too. So many emotions you can convey through clapping.
I was on a flight to the Dominican Republic a few years ago and when we landed everybody clapped and I thought it was sweet, but it could have been the novelty of the whole thing.
I’m trying to think about the last time I clapped and really meant it. I think I was with you waiting for the bus and we were enjoying a clap jam.
Yup, that was it.


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