What do you think, Ratty?

Dearest Ratty,

I am often amazed by fashion, amazed, delighted, sometimes bored and many times undecided.
Last year I could not figure out how I felt about maxi dresses. Are they friend are foe? Are they sister-wife garb, or are they a clever 70s throwback. Luckily my gams are too short to wear one, so I did not have to ambivalent about owning one.
This year my thoughts have turned to the wrap dress. Isn’t a wrap dress just a glorified bathrobe? And if that is indeed the case, why have I not warmed to them. I love clothes that can be worn in the daytime or as sleepwear.

So I ask you this, my dearest sophisticated Rat friend, what do you make of the wrap dress?
Please share your thoughts with me.


your devoted best mole.

Dear Mole,

I have to be honest. I have never really thought about the wrap dress before but I think that is probably telling in and of itself. I have never really considered that it might be a bathrobe or that it looks like one because I own neither but I see your point. It’s the belty part right? Is that what does it? It very well may be the kind of thing we look back on with disdain, like, “What were we thinking?!”. You are probably having that right now in the moment which is kind of rare. The last time I had that was when someone in my class was wearing a shirt advertising Mr. Zog’s Sex Wax. Right away I thought, “That’s a terrible idea”. So yes, trust your gut. If the wrap dress doesn’t feel right then it just isn’t.


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