What do you think, Ratty?

Dear Ratty,

I recently had a perfect summer afternoon.  I went to meet a friend for lunch in an unnamed park. I left my house with my new orange bike wearing my new pink summer dress. I cycled down hills and across streets to meet him. We then sat on a park bench. He ate a ham sandwich; I a bacon scone. The surroundings were verdant. I remember grass, flowers, a nice breeze and some light-hearted banter. Next we went to a park where we sat on a picnic table and played a card game. A woman and her dog came over to us and we obliged the dog, whose name was Trout, with a game of fetch. Soon my friend had to go to work and I sat on the picnic table thinking about what a perfect summer hour it had been. So, my question for you Ratty is this, when was the last time you experienced a perfect summer afternoon? What did it entail?



Dear Mole,

I can’t remember specific anything’s anymore but here are some things that I have done in the afternoons in summer recently that I’ve enjoyed.

– I like watching people practice tightrope walking. People do that a lot in parks these days and I don’t get it at all. Where do they plan on going with this? Either way I like watching them fall.
– We’ve been going on a lot of nature walks recently and I have to say I really enjoy that. Recently we found some burned textbooks the day after the last day of school. That must’ve been fun huh, burning textbooks?
– When we go for walks these days we strap the baby to our front facing out the way. If you get a cold drink then you have to carry the drink at a really weird angle otherwise the baby will grab it. This is going to sound weird but I like holding my drink far away from my body like it’s some kind of volatile chemical. It makes the drink seem more important and it makes ME feel more important by extension. That has happened a couple of times this summer and that little game of keep-away has been more fun than it has any right to be.


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