Can you believe this shit?! (Handmade tails)

Ratty: Mermaids are so popular right now that women are dressing like mermaids and lying in wading pools so children at birthday parties can touch their fake tails. All I can think about is how this would have damaged me as a child. I’m fairly sure I would have sussed out that it wasn’t real early on and then the whole thing would’ve just creeped me out. Why are we doing this? Do I HAVE to touch the tail? Can I maybe just get my loot bag and bounce?

I honestly wouldn’t touch a mermaid if it WAS real. I would run away. On LAND so it couldn’t catch me and bite me. They’d have to bite right? I mean how the hell are they eating down there? They’d need those apex predator teeth, all triangley and sharp… maybe a few missing. Nope. No thank you.

Putting aside everything I’ve just said isn’t it, on an environmental level, a cruel thing to do? I thought we all watched “Blackfish” and realized this kind of shit was not on. This whole thing is wrong. I honestly can’t believe it. This shit.

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