What do you think, Mole?

Dear Mole,

Recently it was revealed that Charlize Theron ended her relationship with Sean Penn by “ghosting” him which, as this URL suggests…


Is the “ultimate silent treatment”. Leaving abruptly and breaking off all contact.

My question is this: would you ghost Sean Penn? Explain why you would or you wouldn’t?



Dearest Ratty,

Hmmmm, would I disappear on Sean Penn?

I don’t know what he would be like as a boyfriend, but I can imagine he’d be pretty insufferable. Always saying no to whatever fun thing you have planned,  always some goddamned cause he’d rather tend to, than say, mani-pedis or brunch. He doesn’t get that a relationship just means walking around, looking attractive and eating. His cause du jour, whether it’s an earthquake ravaged country or a city destroyed by a hurricane, would always come first. Snoozers!  And when he’s not out there with these sad little disaster-prone people, he would just keep going on and on about his leftwing pinko commie friends “I can’t take you shopping this morning, I’m Skyping with Hugo!” So, would I disappear on him? Totally. But would he even notice? Not unless I was part of some mission or something, so it wouldn’t be entirely satisfying.
You know, everyone goes on about what an amazing actor he is. And yeah, I guess he is pretty intense, with his weather-beaten looks (his skin….so leathery!), that furrowed brow and his method acting, but I’ve only really liked him in one movie: “I am Sam” . It’s pretty good for Sean Penn.

I mean it’s nowhere near as good as “Like Normal People” but it ain’t half bad.

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