Lone Rat and Cub

There comes a time in every new dad’s life when they are left alone with their baby and if that dad is not terrified then he is lying or he is Ogami Ittō.

Ogami is the protag in Kazuo Koike’s “Lone Wolf and Cub”, a manga and a TV show and some movies where a former executioner (Ogamai) pushes his kid around feudal Japan in a baby carriage pausing now and then to kill everyone. I guess he is not the BEST dad but he is an ANGRY dad pushing a baby carriage and he can sort of handle anything. I’m not entirely sure how. I have a hard time getting the brakes to stick on the baby carriage without dropping my second doughnut on the ground while weaving through that thirty second decision matrix of whether or not it’s okay to pick it up and eat it. Probably the only way I wouldn’t get stuck with an arrow by an assassin from a rival clan would be if I did bend over and pick it up. That’s how I justified it anyway. Plus no one was looking.

So, this is a stub for an infrequent column about the those times when a dad has to face the world alone with his kid and how unlike this it is:

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