Bucket List: Mole’s easily attainable goals #3

I would like to develop a skincare regimen.  I want to sit at a vanity, my head swaddled in a turban when I perform my skincare routine.

Here’s what I envision: I sit in front of  the mirror, getting to work — scrutinizing, furrowing and pursing, before I start opening jars of elegant creams and elixirs. I slather to take off, I dab to freshen and I smooth and stroke upwards to moisturize and firm. During this nightly ritual, my husband is in the background, lounging on the bed in his underwear and bifocals gazing adoringly at me. I catch him looking at me. Yes, darling, this is my secret. This is how I show my love to you: I let you watch me practice my nightly ritual. His eyes say to me: My God, how does she do it? She takes such good care of herself and all of us!

So yeah, develop a skincare regimen before I check out and get the rest (adoring husband, children and vanity) to go along with it.

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