What do you think, Mole?

Dearest Mole,

It seems like every week another person we liked growing up is revealed to be a horrible person or, at the very least, full of stupid decisions. You know what we never hear about? People that we didn’t like turning out to be really great people. Like for instance I was not a huge fan of Skeletor growing up. First and foremost I hate skeletons. I am appalled that one lives inside me so I’m not super keen on talking ones with bad intentions. I found him endlessly frustrating as I never really understood his motivation or his aesthetic (he lives in a castle that looks like his face, I would level a castle that looked like my face!). Recently I’ve discovered that people have been producing memes where Skeletor spouts affirmations like:

(source: skeletorislove.tumblr.com)

What’s fascinating is how much I love this new Skeletor. How willing I am to accept that he has some rich inner life because someone has pasted some text on a picture of him. Why on earth am I so eager to connect with Skeletor!?

My question is this: who is someone you dislike intensely that you’d be surprised to find out that you may actually like? And what is it that they’d have to do in order to change your point of view?

Dear Ratty,

This is a really really tough question for me to answer and I’ve been wrestling with it for days. Days! I can answer the first part of the question so easily: who is someone you dislike intensely? Well, there is of course the current newsmaker: Donald Trump, his birther cronies, people in the Tea Party, people on Fox News, racists, sexists, homophobes, people who post mean comments on YouTube…the list goes on. These people are just so overt in what they stand for; it is only natural for me to dislike them.  And now here comes the part of your question that is truly challenging, what would they have to do to change my mind? Hmmmm, they would just have to embrace the opposite of what they do or stand for.

For the record, hero worship is the worst, isn’t it? Why do we expect people who produce good art to be admirable people? I still like Chinatown, Rosemary’s Baby and Bitter Moon, but would I want to have a hot tub time machine party with Roman Polanski? Ummm, nope, not in a zillion years.

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