What do you think, Ratty?

My dearest Ratty,

It is my sincere feeling that we are always looking for versions of ourselves, whether it is in a painting, a character in a book or in a subway car full of people. Whenever I get on the subway, I think to myself, now which one of you broads has got my gams? Which one of you little foxes has my style? Yup. Just as I thought, not a one! 

I do the same when I’m watching a TV show or a movie.  I look at a character and think, which one of these dames could I replace convincingly? Who am I most like? which really means who is most like me? Am I a Kelly Garrett or a Jill Munro? Am I a Rhoda or a Mary? 

So, with that in mind, Ratty, I would like to ask you, which character would you be on 

  1. The Love Boat
  2. Sex and the City and of course
  3. Mary Tyler Moore


This is a very hard question. I don’t think we’ve ever discussed what we’d do if we CAN’T answer a question. I mean, I have watched these shows but I don’t think I’ve seen more than 10 episodes total. That said I don’t believe in taking a pass and fortunately for me the internet is full of quizzes to help people in this exact situation! I know this is not the BEST answer to this question but it IS an answer, right?:




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