Photo challenge – Week Six: Obsession

Ratty: I have a thing for enamel mugs which is weird since I only own two of them. There is something very appealing about their campgroundyness. Camping sounds great to me in theory but, like a lot of things that appeal to me in theory, falls flat in practice. There are too many bugs. And, to take some responsibility, I’ve watched too many horror movies. Realistically I know I won’t be murdered while camping but if I am murdered I’ll be terribly disappointed in myself. But yeah, very much into the enamel mugs.

I am also on the precipice of a Moomin obsession. I have tried to not be into them for awhile. I don’t have that much time to be into stuff like this and I know if I do I’ll probably need to keep it a secret as it’s a titch embarrassing, but this mug pushed me over the edge. I have read the entire Wikipedia entry on them. I have put some books on hold from the library. And, obviously, I bought this Moomin mug.

I was/am very taken with the strip on the side. In short a Moomin finds out that a mug he is drinking from is a mug from his childhood. This causes two other Moomins to appear out of nowhere and claim him as their long lost son. I realized, in reading the strip for the umpteenth time, that the middle panel features the Moomin staring obsessively at the mug and it all felt very meta and fitting for this challenge.

Mole: Well I am obsessed with my eyes. Correction. I am obsessed with my eye. My right one to be exact. My lid retracts in my right eye because I have Graves’ Disease (although I prefer to call it Marty Feldman disease) and I am convinced that my eye looks like a fried egg, sunny side up. I am always looking at it.  I don’t like having my picture taken unless my eyes are closed or, I’ve angled my face in such a way that you only see one eye. The discrepancy between the two drives me crazy. I am always deleting pictures in which I see my super open round eye and my relatively normally lidded eye together.

I drive my poor pal Ratty crazy with this obsession. He says he doesn’t know what I’m talking about, but that’s Ratty for you, unfalteringly kind, and totally farsighted.

I spend a lot of time on Google Images looking up orbital decompression surgery, thyroid eyes and the patron saint of bulging orbs, Marty Feldman.

So, for this week’s photo challenge, I humbly offer up my right eye.

2015-03-02 15

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