What do you think, Mole?

Dear Mole,

Surprise. I adopted a landmine and/or tuberculosis sputum sniffing hero rat.


“Ratty’s Rat is a baby African giant pouched rat still in its mother’s womb. It is expected to be born in about two weeks! The APOPO breeding facilities in Morogoro, Tanzania are very excited about the upcoming birth. Don’t be fooled, Ratty’s Rat is not your ordinary rat: it’s being trained to save lives! How can a rat save lives, you may ask? Well, some are trained to sniff out unexploded landmines that are left in the ground after a war ends and others are trained to sniff out tuberculosis (TB) in sputum samples from sick patients. Although this is not an easy task, the HeroRATs have been very successful in detecting both landmines and TB.”

Going forward we’ll update people on Ratty’s Rat’s progress in his own column but in the meantime Moley, what do you think?

Ratty Sr.

P.S. Adopt your own hero rat!

Dearest Ratty,

I am thrilled for you and I look forward to the updates. Ratty’s Rat is already a hero in his mother’s womb; that’s really quite something. Or course, I worry about the pressure and expectation placed on his tiny rat shoulders. I would be very happy if he just sniffed the air and looked at me with his tiny rat eyes. I would actually prefer it if he stayed as far away from sputum as possible.

Congratulations on adding to your brood!



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