Sentencing (MOVIES): “Margin Call”


Ratty: I think “investment firm in trouble” is probably the most unappealing premise to me. Right up there with “all food now Brussels sprouts”. I watched it specifically because I think very highly of writer / director J.C. Chandor (see: our review of “A Most Violent Year”). I’m happy to report that my high thinking remains that way. A little higher even. So I guess what I’m saying is that yes, I am open to watching a movie about Brussels sprouts. I might even enjoy it.

Mole:  J.C. Chandor doesn’t pander to anyone! Man, he looks for drama in the most niche places and finds it. This was not an easy movie for me – it’s heavy on meetings and investment talk, but luckily Margin Call has an ace up its sleeve with Paul Bettany. The movie comes alive every time he’s on screen.  His “fuck normal people” speech is delivered with such swagger and panache it almost got me siding with the one percent.

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