Sentencing (MOVIES): “Sicario”


Ratty: A tense first hour kind of devolves into a sort of typical action thriller near the end. Good though. Emily Blunt may have the best shocked expression in the business and Del Toro was good enough that they are making a sequel based entirely on his character (which I will only watch if it features more of his bizarrely effective crotch first intimidation tactics).

Mole: Never has a fleet of black Dodge SUVS looked so menacing! Sicario is a visually impressive movie — sweeping landscapes, swaths of blue sky, desert….that kind of thing. But if you look closely, the story of a wide-eyed innocent learning about the depths of corruption in drug enforcement is a story we’ve seen many, many times. Brolin and Blunt acquit themselves quite nicely, but Benicio Del Toro as the mysterious Alejandro is the real reason this movie soars.

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