Ratty’s Rat: Update

Ratty got an update on his adopted landmine sniffing rat. Here’s the skinny with commentary from dad…

“Ratty’s Rat has just opened its eyes!”

Ratty: Me too! I spend as much time possible with my eyes closed. Napping and/or collecting my thoughts. Mostly napping.

“Ratty’s Rat’s trainer is spending a lot of time interacting with it and exposing it to many different sights, sounds, and smells. This process, called ‘socialization,’ ensures that Ratty’s Rat will not be startled when it is handled by humans or when it encounters something new.”

Ratty: If it doesn’t get startled when handled by humans or encountering something new everyone will know for certain that it’s adopted. I think I could honestly benefit from ‘socialization’. And a trainer too I guess.

“This week Ratty’s Rat and its trainer took a car ride, played in the grass, listened to music, and met some new people.”

Ratty: If you’re wondering how soon into your adopted rat’s life you can be jealous of them it’s literally just after the little tyke has opened its eyes for the first time. The only thing I have done on this list is listen to music. I am DYING to know what he listened too. DYING. We will see if we can find out and include that in a future update. I’m trying to think of good rat songs. This is the only song I can think of that’s for the rats (among other things)…

“Though these are fun experiences for humans, for a young rat they can be frightening at first, but Ratty’s Rat is quickly becoming comfortable.”

Ratty: Can I just say how proud I am of this rat? “Quickly becoming comfortable”?!

“After about one week of socialization, Ratty’s Rat will be ready to leave its mother, learn to be relaxed around the various stimuli present in the work environment”

Ratty: Stop. STOP! Relaxed at work?! I’M not relaxed at work! And there are no LANDMINES where I work!! Again, ADOPTED. More proof? JUST LOOK AT THIS GORGEOUS RAT…


Stay tuned for more updates and don’t forget to adopt your own hero rat today!

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