Sentencing (Movies): Welcome to Me


Mole: I’m trying to imagine how this was pitched: “A mentally unbalanced woman, who’s obsessed with Oprah goes off her meds, wins big at the lottery and puts on an Oprah inspired tv show called Welcome to Me….” Who can we get for this? Who is the IT girl for weird introverts? Kristen Wiig you in danger girl! Next time run. And take Joan Cusack with you! Y’all belong in something worthy of your talents.

Ratty: I guess it’s not good when you’re just sort of sitting around waiting for one character to make you laugh and the laughs don’t come around as often as you’d like. Kristen Wiig is sort of a victim of her own success. I’m so amped up to love her that when I don’t the low seems all that much lower. They can’t all be winners. Welcome to Meh?

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