Before we were famous: the archives

Before Mole met Ratty, she wrote. Ratty recently discovered Mole’s writings and strong armed her into sharing them.

Scene: It’s the first day of classes and three first-year students, Paula, Christian and Lindsay, are sitting together in the courtyard at Hart House talking about courses, kissing and Cafe Sicilia

Paula: Anyone feel like going to Little Italy?

Lindsay: It’s too far to walk.

Paula: Oh come on, we walked there yesterday.

Christian: You guys walked to Cafe Sicilia from here?

(Paula and Lindsay nod in agreement)

Christian: Yeah? But you walk slow, you walk slower than me.

Lindsay: I do not! Not that slow

Paula: Lindsay, it took us more than one and a half hours to walk to Sicilia.

Lindsay: Yeah, but it was so worth it. Those frozen hot chocolates are delicious. They’re fantastic.

Christian: Who was working there? Someone our age?

Paula: Guess who was there??? Kevin!

Lindsay: Oh yeah, I almost forgot.

Paula: Lindsay, you were sitting on his lap!

Lindsay: I was giving him advice.

Paula: Kevin was like, “I can’t believe Val doesn’t want me!”

Lindsay: It’s not Val’s fault; it’s completely Kevin’s.

Christian: They’re morons; they’re beyond help

Paula: We were with them at the Phoenix on Thursday…Lindsay got so trashed.

Lindsay: He kissed me! He was not a good kisser!

Paula: I’ve only randomly kissed one man.

Christian: Me, three

Lindsay: I don’t know why I did that; it was a moment of weakness.

Christian: It’s because women are sluts.

Paula: See if I made out with anyone in Portugal, they’d be my cousins and that’d be wrong

Christian: No, that’d be hot!

Paula: That would be like having sex with myself. That’d be masturbation.

Lindsay: I need some caffeine

Paula: Since you’re too lame to walk to Sicilia

Lindsay: I am NOT lame, but it’s like 35 degrees and I’m wearing these things on my feet.

Lindsay points to her high heeled sandals

Paula: I was going to say, let’s just get something here.

Lindsay: Okay, what do you guys want?

Christian: I’ll just keep gnawing on my coffee cup.

Paula: Can you get me one of those frozen tiramisu desserts? I gotta get a headstart on my freshman fifteen.

Christian: You guys should come over tonight, after the bookstore.

Paula: You just want to rub it in, don’t you?

Christian: You mean that I have my own place and you’re still living with Elvie and Eddie?

Paula: Hey, show some respect. That’s Señor and Señora Gomes to you.

Christian: I don’t see why you and Lindsay don’t get a place together.

Paula: I couldn’t live with Lindsay; she’s such a slut.

Christian: Oh, I know! that thing about “Kevin kissed me!” Who does she think she’s kidding? God, she has no boundaries.

Paula: Hey that’s my slut you’re talking about….here she is.

Lindsay returns with tea and tiramisu

Christian: I thought you needed caffeine.

Lindsay: Green tea has caffeine and plus this has ginger.

Paula: Look at all this shit that’s in this tiramisu! Hydrogenated cottonseed oil. Tastes good though. All the chemicals make it seem even more sinful.

Lindsay: So did you decide between your classes yet?

Christian: Well, I think I’m going to stay with Beauty and the End of Art. I’ve heard too much stuff about Levitin.

Paula: You just want to watch gay porn in class and get credit for it. YOU are the slut, not Lindsay

Lindsay: You think I’m a slut?!

Christian: Well, you did kiss Kevin

Paula: And you sat on his lap

Lindsay: I am so not loved in this group.

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