Best of Mole: 2015

Ratty: This was not easy. At all. So many great movie reviews, bucket list additions and think-pieces on, of all subjects, Andy Gibb. I found though that I kept turning back to the bread and butter of R&M. No one answers a question quite like Mole and some of her answers to the things I’ve asked this year both on and offline have been truly memorable. I’m always a little bowled over with her power to recall moments from her life and this post, well written and honest and funny, was no exception:

We did, however, have a cleaning lady who came every Thursday. I remember this because my mother was always cleaning on Wednesday. Our cleaning lady’s name was Mrs. Brewer and she came from an even smaller town than where we lived, so small that it had the name “Corner” in it.  She was wide and carried her girth like a man, except she wore tight fitting dresses and flesh-coloured pantyhose.

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