Best of Ratty: 2015

Mole:  What can I say about Ratty, except to say that he is a  jack of all trades  and master of them ALL.

Have you seen his dubs? Have you seen his Matthew McConaughey?

Have a look: Ratty takes on McConaughey

Not only can he  dub, but he can draw, ask probing questions, take great pictures and he can write. Real good.

It was a tough choice, but my favourite was Ratty’s Lone Rat and Cub #2.

Ratty takes his baby girl for a stroll in the cemetery and ponders life in the graveyard….

Every Saturday morning I take my child on a walk through a cemetery in part because this is where my wife said I should go and in part because at sunrise on a Saturday morning my look is more drifter than doting father. We are very much that fantasy trope of the lumbering alopecian Yeti (me) carrying a hyper intelligent, but physically unwell, little person (baby). The key difference of course is that the little person in question ISN’T hyper intelligent and doing just fine physically. So, in an effort to not scare the normals, we are aimed towards the land of the dead. A place where the call and response of her frequent raspberries, and my much louder impression of them, will go unnoticed. Also I look like shit which I might not have been clear on earlier.

Here’s the piece in its entirety: Ratty’s Lone Rat and Cub #2 

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