Sentencing (Movies): The Future

Mole: I really wanted to love this movie. I loved Miranda July’s Me and You and Everyone We Know, and I just recently finished her brilliant book “It Chooses You” which talks a lot about the challenges she encountered in making The Future, but….I did not love it. Despite some clever dialogue and witty scenes, the film is unshaped and falls flat. July and Hamish Linklater are Sophie and Jason, a mop-topped husband and wife who want to do something of consequence with their future. And if you know that adage about good intentions, you can pretty much guess the outcome of this movie.

Ratty: PASS *.

* Ratty and Mole are allowed one PASS a year as it pertains to movie reviews if the movie they watched they didn’t like so much but they have so much respect and love for the filmmaker they cannot bring themselves to write a uncaring word.

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