Netfleek: “Pumping Iron”

Have a Netflix movie you want us to review? Tell us about it!  We’ll watch most (if not all) of it and give you our verdict: Netfleek or Netweak

Mole: Reasons why you would want to watch a documentary from 1977 about weightlifting:

A: You love weightlifting

B:  You enjoy camp

C: You have a soft spot for Lou Ferrigno

D: You want to hear Matty Ferrigno tell his son he looks like something Michelangelo carved out

E: You want to hear Arnold say “advices” as in “He comes to me for advices”

F: You want to see Arnold smoke a blunt, eat fried chicken and sip a glass of white wine, while wearing a t-shirt saying “Arnold is numero uno”

Well, I like camp and I think Lou Ferrigno is kinda sweet, but, even still….even still.

Verdict: NETWEAK

Ratty: The only real takeaway from this movie is that Arnold Schwarzenegger is a dick. I guess if people cheer for your physique, and pay you for having it, the whole thing might go to your head and boy howdy does it go to his! Arnold’s foil in the film is the sweet, shy and maybe slightly dim Lou Ferrigno who Arnold fucks with on the reg throughout the movie. Despite being physical equals Ferrigno’s “aw shucks” boyishness is no match for Arnold’s rippling runaway ego and gap toothed guffaws. I don’t quite understand how Arnold managed to pivot to being a hero after this when his natural state is straight up ubervillian (which is fun to imagine him saying: Ooh-BAH-veal-ann). Wait. WAIT!

Okay, this…

“Taxi 2: Rise of The UberVillian” – Detective Andy Washburn (Jimmy Fallon) reunites with bike courier turned taxi driver turned NASCAR driver Belle Williams (Queen Latifah) to put a stop to the Uber assisted getaways of veiny old muscled cat burglar “The UberVillain” (AS).



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