Netfleek: “Gored”

Mole: Gored is a beautiful looking documentary, but at some point the elegant flamenco guitar, slow motion shots and the gorgeous colours can’t mask what is a hideously cruel and profoundly ridiculous tradition.  And what to make of the “hero” Antonio Barrera, the most gored bullfighter in history? He philosophizes like Caine from Kung Fu and comes across as a self-important idiot.  He’s got great posture, a commanding presence,  cuts a nice figure in his toreador outfit and the man can move. So why not just dance?

Verdict: NETWEAK

Ratty: In “The Breakfast Club” (1985) Principal Richard Vernon says, “Don’t mess with the bull, young man – you’ll get the horns”. That’s very very true for Antonio Barrera. He gets the horns a gang o’ times in this documentary about doing something dangerous, getting hurt and doing the same dangerous thing again. I would hope that if I said, “I am passionate about punching my own face! *punch* SEE!?” people in my life would step in and say, “Stop! You’re EMBARRASSING me!”.
Don’t let this one pass you by cause you think bullfighting is a cruel “sport”. It’s actually kind of an interesting look at how a stupid thing becomes important when you drape it in ceremony, testosterone and tradition.


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