Netfleek: “Palio”

Mole: When Ratty told me that the next movie to watch was Palio, I thought for the briefest of moments that it was a documentary about the followers of that caveman diet.  Sadly, it isn’t. Palio is about another group of would be cave dwellers who live in Siena, Italy and get all riled up about a bareback horse race. Except it’s not a race, it’s a game because it’s all rigged. So, if it’s rigged and everybody knows it, where’s the drama? I guess the director thought the drama would be in the pageantry of it all: the costumes, the centuries old tradition, the corruption, the town….It’s all very colourful at first, but after about 30 minutes I started to think about hunting and gathering my next meal.

Verdict: NETWEAK

Ratty: In Italy they say, “Al buon vino non bisogna frasca” which means “Good wine needs no bush” which means “A good product does not need advertising”. I believe that applies here. I loved this movie, no bush required. Of course in Italy they also say, “Chi ha capo di cera non vada al sole” which means, “Who has a head of wax should not be in the sunshine” which means… well, wait. That’s like saying, “He who has no gills should not try breathing underwater”. True but I mean, who has a head of wax? I don’t live there I guess. Maybe they do? If you DID have a wax head this is very sound advice. Not a good look:



Have a Netflix movie you want us to review? Tell us about it!  We’ll watch most (if not all) of it and give you our verdict: Netfleek or Netweak

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