Netfleek: “People Places Things”

Mole: I am quite fond of those small movies where nothing much happens. Walking and Talking and The Daytrippers are two that come to mind. They’re good matinee movies. The stakes are seemingly small and there is plenty of walking….and talking. The small movies from the mid-90s starring actors such as Catherine Keener, Hope Davis and Eric Stolz were my favourite: before “quirky” and “indie” became such oppressive brands. Unfortunately, People, Places and Things falls under the generic “indie” brand of small movies. Jemaine Clement plays a graphic novelist and father of twin girls whose wife leaves him.  He suffers exactly the way you would expect a hero to suffer in a small, quirky movie: in awkward fits and starts and wryly observed moments. It’s a little too on the nose.  Still, Clement is the only reason to see this movie. He is such a gifted comic actor that he actually makes the flatness of the movie work for him. The romantic leads played by Regina Hall and Stephanie Allynne are not so lucky. Neither generate any chemistry with Clement, so you don’t care who he ends up with.

Verdict: NETWEAK

Ratty (trailer only): I love, love, love Jemaine Clement but it’s very clear that someone out there knows that and they are trying to trick me into watching this. Why does it feel like I’ve seen this movie before even though I haven’t seen this movie or the one it’s borrowing form? I recognize that JC’s trying to pivot here, ever so slightly, into semi-serious roles. That’s what this is right? Dramedy? I don’t know. Is it? It’s just feels so MOR to me so I couldn’t watch it. I just can’t watch a movie I know I’m not going to love or hate anymore. And yes, I recognize that’s going to make this reviewing thing sort of tricky.

Verdict: NETWEAK

Have a Netflix movie you want us to review? Tell us about it!  We’ll watch most (if not all) of it and give you our verdict: Netfleek or Netweak

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