What do you think, Mole?

Hallo Maulwurf,

As you know my favorite word of all time is Sockenfalter (German for “a man who folds his socks”). Germans are amazing at sticking a bunch of, often complex, ideas together into one word. This week’s question is a two parter:

1) What is your favorite German word?
2) Invent a German word!

Auf Wiedersehen,

Guten tag Herr Ratte!

I love German. Here’s a little known fact about me, Moley (Maulwurf). When I was a tiny mole I used to take German lessons with an ancient German professor whose house was made of marzipan! Okay, I kid, about the marzipan part, but not about the German lessons! It was me and this old German lady and we would work through this musty old German textbook doing exercises. It could have been a gorgeous day outside, but the two of us huddled in a drafty room going over verb declensions and which nouns went with der, die, das. Other kids my age were taking horseback riding lessons or hanging out at the mall, but every Friday after schule Fräulein Maulwurf marched to her German lessons. I never much used the German though. I was that age when I resented not going to the mall or taking horseback riding lessons. Only later when I entered my pretentious age and discovered the likes of Kraftwerk, Rainer Werner Fassbinder and crazy Nina Hagen did I truly fall in love with speaking what little German I could remember. Ja, ich trinke das Bier! Ich sehe das Fenster! But which word is my favourite? Well, I have to go with Schadenfreude (joy at someone else’s misery) Gawd, I love that. I love that there exists such a word. I looked it up and it’s a compound word that translated into English means”HarmJoy”. Like another one of my favourites “Jolie Laide”, but I definitely prefer Schadenfreude. 

Now, to make up a German word, hmmmm, okay here goes. It’s about my cat.

Meine Katze ist ein BittenSchwein (My cat is a bed hog)

BittenSchwein = Bed Hog




  1. You said it: Tschüss! That’s my favorite German word.

    No one in America can spell it, pronounce it, or use it correctly in a sentence so I feel all hot shit whenever I can get a German to say it back at the supermarket in front of everybody.

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