Netfleek: “David Blaine: Real or Magic”


Ratty: I had to watch this in two sittings because I got scared. I am the ultimate mark for this kind of stuff. Honestly if you told me unicorns were real and were very serious about it I’d believe you. I don’t understand how he does these tricks AT ALL. Oh timeout, Google!

Wait a minute…

Wow. Okay. You know what’s really interesting? I’m still super impressed. In some respects it’s more impressive that he had me believing he actually *was* a wizard.



Mole: If you can’t stand that preening peacock David Copperfield, then there’s always David Blaine, the Ratso Rizzo of magicians. He’s that guy who lurks in alleyways beckoning you with, “hey c’mere I wanna show you something”. In this special, Blaine sidles up to celebrities and a few regular folks with that same creepy charm. Is it interesting or entertaining? Well, it depends how much you like the celebrities he does illusions for. When Blaine cuts a whole orange and pulls a card out of it for Harrison Ford, Ford seems seconds  away from an aneurysm. I guess that’s entertaining.  And there’s Katy Perry, and Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, and Bryan Cranston and so on. I was mildly interested in how they expressed disbelief. My favourite was George W. Bush, who, looking guileless as ever, allows Blaine to easily distract him so he can pocket his watch. Bush seems impressed, not necessarily with the magic, but with Blaine’s extraordinary pickpocketing skills.

Verdict: NETWEAK

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