What do you think, Ratty?

Dear Ratty,

I recently saw a short video of how Norwegians teach sex education that was incredibly frank.

I guess straightforward education is great, but I, for one, would not trade how I learned about the birds and the bees for even the most progressive non-shaming sex ed. There were huge gaps in my knowledge of course, but I filled those in myself with what I had gleaned from Afterschool Specials, plant pollination and Walk on the Wild Side lyrics. However, Ratty, my question for you is NOT about sex education. It is about Scandinavians. It only figures that the Norwegians would be progressive with sex education: Scandinavians are often held up as being far more evolved than the rest of us reality TV watching slobs picking candy corn out of our teeth. You’ve been to Sweden. Do you agree that they are more evolved, yes or no?

Dear Mole,

I watched about 30 seconds of that video before realizing I was at work and that it might be career limiting to watch the full thing. Here is what I know about Swedes:

– They are imposing physical specimens. Incredible bone structure and wonderful hair. Most people that I saw were beautiful (in an Übermensch kind of way). I did see a handful of imperfects but I’m pretty sure they were Estonia. I’m not throwing shade. Swedes just look really f’n good.
Fartdåre is not what you think it is (it means “Speed Demon”)
– Dragon tattoos

Despite looking like sexbots from the future they seemed a little buttoned up for Europeans. The Swedes have a word for it: Jantelagan. A word that describes, “a condescending attitude towards individuality and success, the term refers to a mentality that de-emphasizes individual effort and places all emphasis on the collective, while discouraging those who stand out as achievers”. That might explain why I didn’t hear a single ABBA tune.

Are they more evolved? No. They do a lot of things right. I mean they have an astounding social safety net and reasonably priced furniture and everyone looks good but they also look the SAME. That’s not evolution, it’s stagnation. Very very hot stagnation but y’know, stagnation.



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