Ratty and Moley at the movies: Christine

Moley: So what do you do when you make a movie and the ending is already known? How do you make it good or surprising? Maybe you focus on something about the character or the event that is not known. Take if you will, Titanic: We all knew it sank, but we did not know that Rose would let Jack freeze to death by not sharing her plank. Howbow dah?

I ask this question about movie endings because I just finished watching Christine. The movie is based on the short life of Christine Chubbuck the Florida news anchor who shot herself in the head during a live broadcast in 1974. The movie, which is a colossal downer, is all about the moments leading up to her suicide. Yes, Rebecca Hall in the title role is great, but by only focussing on the year of Chubbuck’s suicide, the movie doesn’t really provide much insight. It alludes to a lot of things that may have contributed to her suicide -loneliness, job dissatisfaction, mental illness- without committing to any of them.  I was expecting the movie to be darkly comic indictment on what Chubbuck called “blood and guts journalism”, but the film can’t decide whether it wants to humanize Christine or satirize tabloid news, so it just kind of hangs somewhere in between.  



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