The AlpHATEbet: E

In which Ratty draws something he hates for each letter of the alphabet and Moley takes a picture of what she hates. This week, the letter E…

Ratty: Emetology

Vomit, your own and especially other people’s, is the absolute worst. One of the things that really fucks up my day is when I spot vomit on the sidewalk and have to actively look at it in order to avoid it. So for a few seconds, at least every couple of weeks, some inconsiderate person has forced me to be an amateur emetologist. If you are feeling even remotely sick on the sidewalk get OFF the sidewalk! Find a garbage can or a bush! If you choose this as a field of study something is wrong with you. I appreciate that you might be trying to improve people’s health but something is still wrong with you.




Moley: Elevators

Especially glass ones. Remember when glass elevators were seen as stylish, or did you miss that episode of Dynasty?  They’re actually quite ghetto if you ask me. The way that stainless steel appliances will be totally ghetto in the next ten years. Who wants to see human collateral going up and down in a see-through dumb waiter? Not this mole. This one I’ve photographed is particularly interesting. I’ve never seen a working elevator with a danger sign on it. And do you really want to look at the depressing stores between the first and second floor? Wanna see the new merch at Tropical Joe’s and Les Bagagaes? Yeah. Didn’t think so. By the way, it’s 2017 we should be fucking teleporting by now.

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