The AlpHATEbet: F

In which Ratty and Mole reflect on what they each hate and capture it in a drawing or a photo or short video.  This week, may we present to you, the letter F…

Ratty: Foodies – I don’t hate foodies. I guess it’s nice to have a hobby even if
the hobby is literally something everyone HAS to do in order to
stay alive. I just don’t like the foodies that TELL you they’re a foodie. Or show you it. Pictures of food makes me hungry. It’s why I limit my time on Pinterest and try not to grocery shop on an empty stomach. Do not show me what I can’t have. Do not talk to me about that which we all need. UGH! I’m starving!



Moley: I hate Facebook. Let me clarify, I hate my dependency on it.
It is over. So over. It is modern day scrapbooking. And who wants to admit they scrapbook? It’s like admitting you like to go to Michael’s. I enjoy myself when I go in there, leave the store with eyes lit up about finally becoming the crafty person I’ve always dreamed of being, but I will not tell anyone I go there. That place is embarrassing.
But the subject was Facebook. For the most part it’s just there, and I don’t have to confront my hatred for it regularly. The last time I mustered strong feelings against  it was when some millennial Social Media maven asked me what my “Facebook skills” were, just a few days after I started my new job. Ugh, Facebook skills? You mean like stalking? Sister, I thought, I have Facebook memories older than you. “I’m self-taught” I grunted.
Still, I haven’t deleted it; I just scroll out of some bizarre obligation. I scroll then I roll my eyes. Then I watch the video of some obnoxious woman touching men’s beards in public-I comment; Then I scroll some more; I see results of Facebook quizzes; I scroll on. And I hate it.

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