The AlpHATEbet: H

In which Ratty draws something he hates for each letter of the alphabet and Moley takes a picture of what she hates. This week, the letter H…

Ratty – Yeah I know, “Duh, of course” but there are people that LIKE haunted houses! They want to turn their own house into one at Halloween or dare each other to spend the night in one. WHY?!?! I guess what I really hate about them is how they have ruined regular houses for me. All houses display at least one of the hallmark symptoms of a classic HH: weird noises! There’s ALWAYS a weird noise in your house and you ALWAYS think it’s a ghost doing it cause of stupid haunted houses! If those didn’t exist we’d just be like, “It sounds like something in our house is broken, let’s fix it” instead of crying while thumbing through the yellow pages looking for an exorcist (if you even HAVE a yellow pages anymore! DON’T GET ME STARTED!). I hate haunted houses!

Moley: Remember when hummus was just hummus?
Chickpeas, tahini, garlic, olive oil, lemon. Maybe for flourish or a little zip you added some yoghurt or sprinkled some pine nuts on top. Wasn’t that enough? Now you go into the supermarket and hummus no longer means chickpeas, tahini and company. It could mean chickpeas and avocado. Chickpeas and edamame, or lentils or sweet potato or even KALE! I just think GROSS. I’m hoping this trend will run its course. You know the way that crazy pizza phase ended, when they were putting duck and BBQ sauce and fresh oysters and all sorts of nonsense on what should really just be tomato sauce, cheese and a few basil leaves.
So, that’s what I hate. New hummus.



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