What do you think, Mole?

Hi Mole,

This man claims to be Bill Clinton’s son. Can you please have a look at the picture below and argue for *and* against him being Bill Clinton’s son? I insist you use the same kind of energy, eloquence, and cutting edge facial analysis used by guests on “The Maury Povich Show”.


Thank you,



Dear Ratty,

“Maury, look, I am 1000 per cent sure. Bill IS the father. Look at those lips! Look at that hair. Look at his hairline! He has his eyes. HE HAS HIS EYES! His chin! Whose nose he got? That’s right! That is Bill’s nose! A woman knows. A WOMAN KNOWS!”


Claiming a known philanderer is your deadbeat dad?  Maybe that was shocking or even remotely interesting 30 years ago.  But now? To quote Fred Armisen as Joy Behar “Meh. So Watt. Who Cares? Why are we talking about this?”Time to step up your game, Danney with an “e”.

Just out of curiosity I put Danney’s picture in the excellent app*** My Twin Celeb and he looks more like Leonardo DiCaprio than Clinton. I mean look at those arched eyebrows!!! A woman knows! A woman knows!


***Full disclosure: I used this excellent and very accurate app and my celebrity twin is Solange. So, five stars, y’all. Five. Star. Review.







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