What do you think, Ratty?

What do you think Ratty?

I follow a lot of people on Instagram. I started following Ashley Graham and then a lot of other plus sized models with accounts were recommended to me. Why not indeed? Follow follow follow! I love seeing all these plus sized models. While I like the diversity and the confidence, I couldn’t help but notice that they’re all female!

My question to you is, do you know any plus size male models? If you don’t could you look for one you like and tell me about him?



No, I don’t know any plus size male models!

*Googles “plus sized male models”*

Well, it seems like the first one was signed to IMG Models just last year! His name is Zach Miko (great model name) but he prefers the term “brawn” to “plus size” (don’t blame him). He is 6ft 6in tall and has a 40in waist. Here he is:

Zach Miko

He’s cute! And I don’t mean that in the, “Aww, look at the brawny dude trying to be handsome!” way. Take this pic for instance…


The pose and face in the maroon shirt. That feels like a week one expulsion on ANTM but it works. I mean it works for me. He seems a little childlike, has a kind of every man quality.


Kind of looks like the nice guy on the football team. The one who is real into Jesus and is married to his high school sweetheart. Like maybe he will become a realtor after football. Or a youth minister!

And yes I’m starting to wonder if I could do this. I *am* putting on a bit of brawn these days. I’d need a brawnier name though. Beef Tankington? Too on the nose. Bartholomew Thicke? Something like that.


Ratty (a.k.a. Bart Thicke)

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